Do you only see moms and babies?

April 11, 2018

At FSC we get asked this question asked quite often. The short and easy answer is.. No. 


We recognize that chiropractic can play an essential role when it comes to a mother bringing a child into this world, and that chiropractic care also facilitates and empowers a healthy beginning to a child’s life. Though we absolutely LOVE seeing moms and kiddo, we also believe that chiropractic is for the entire family. 


So don't worry dad (and dudes).. You are not left out


One of the foundational principles at Free Spirit Chiropractic is CONNECTION. We know that for you to function and truly live to your full capacity you need a clear connection between your brain and your body so that life may flow FREE. Just like that same connection within you as an individual plays a pivotal role in your health. We believe that connection is just as important within your family. 


From our experience, families that start and go through care together get better and faster results. Your connection, love, and support for one another is contagious and feeds a life over pouring with vitality. As one person may struggle you can pick them up. As another wins, you celebrate together. 


Our vision is to see the Tulsa community full of families living at their upmost potential. 

For that vision to become reality we know it starts with you and your family. 

Living, healing and growing together. Clear and connected through love and support for one another. 


We welcome you with open arms and invite you to join the FSC family so that we can empower and uplift yours. 



Authenticity | Connection | Expression


Love + light,


Dr. Colten and Dr. Lacey