June 8, 2018


“Do you have more faith in a spoon full of medicine than the power that animated the human body?” 

- BJ Palmer, Developer of Chiropractic



Health and healing is an INSIDE job. Healing and vitality does not come from the outside in, but from the inside-out. 


Every living thing on this planet was born with the innate ability to heal. This is easily seen on a daily basis, yet our society unfortunately is quick to forget. Looking quick for the next fix. Quick to reach for the next pill, drink, diet, oil, fad, or person to “fix” their health problems or issues. Quick to forget that healing has and never will come from anything we take or do from the outside in. 


Think back to if you or someone you know broke a bone. What is the process? Usually the bone is set in place and a cast is put on to protect it while it what? 




Did the plaster from the cast seep into the bone and mold it back together? No. I didn't think so either. The bone HEALED innately, on its own, with no help. The body is made to heal! 


Even when you would think it is allegedly from the outside in. When you take medicine or supplements and introduce a chemical to the body to fight off a specific illness. It is NOT the medicine that heals you. It is your body that takes those chemicals, repurposes and uses them as an aid to help it do the job.


Just as when you cut your arm, Neosporin did not go into the wound and form new tissues.. It may have been there to help protect from infection, but it did not form the skin. 


Doctors do not always know how this process occurs, but the best recognize they are not the healer and their action does not do the healing either.


The best chiropractors recognize they do not give an adjustment. It is the adaptation made by the body to whatever is introduced that moves the needle forward toward health and well-being


, and drives the healing process from the inside-out. The best health providers see YOU as the healer. The power within YOU as the ultimate doctor. 


The body has the innate ability to HEAL. 

Our job is to simply help facilitate that process. 






Love + Light,


Dr. Colten and Dr. Lacey



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