August 1, 2018


C L E A R 


Clarity by definition is to be easily perceived, understood, or interpreted. So as to be out of the way of, or transparent.


Clarity poses so much weight in the everyday actions of our lives whether we recognize that fact or not. How clear are you with every conversation and interaction you have with others?

With your loved ones?


With yourself?


How clear are your goals, dreams, and aspirations you have for this life?


In a world where time is limited and every second counts, how clear are you living?


Being a chiropractor and having the opportunity to facilitate life and healing with individuals on a daily basis, clarity is of utmost importance.


We live our lives through our nervous system.


Through life’s five senses every single experience you have, big or small, is captured, perceived and interpreted by the brain and portrayed to you in your mind’s eye as the wonderful motion picture named LIFE.


It could be the comfort felt from the warmth of a loved one’s hug.

The electrical spark of a first kiss.

The feeling of the cool, wet tear rolling down your cheek as you whisper “hello,” holding your newborn child soon after they entered the world, or the same tear that falls when you say goodbye to someone you love as they leave it.


No matter the experience itself, you live the experience of life through the lens of your nervous system, and I am so unbelievably grateful that my primary role as a chiropractor is to make sure that nervous system, the conduit of life expression, is CLEAR of any obstruction.


So that when the chaos and stress of daily life is thrown all over you, weighs you down, dirties, fogs, and blurs the lens of which you see and experience life through, I can be there with with loving hands to wipe away the muck so that you may look through a CLEAR lens and experience life in ALL it has to offer you.



Love & Light,


Dr. Colten + Dr. Lacey


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