January 3, 2019



Free Spirit (noun):


A person living unconstrained by society, due to an overwhelmingly radical self-love and expression of who they innately are.



A free spirit to us represents every word within the definition we created.


The typical thought or mental representation of a free spirited person in today’s world is usually someone who very much, “goes with the flow,” or does not care to let go of control and let life take them without worry or concern of where the

journey may end.


While we honor those characteristics describing some factors of what a free

spirit may look or act like, we also believe there is much more. Much more than the

vision of a girl wearing a flower crown and hanging out a sunroof with passport in

hand and no destination for the future.


When you dig into the words of the definition above, or rather the space between them. You will find that a free spirit is not just someone who without care lets go of all in life, but instead, is someone that gains the ability to let go through deep, grounded roots in who they truly are.


To fully possess the ability to let go you have to relinquish the fear of getting lost in the process. We combat this fear by learning to fully love who we authentically are to the deepest corners of our soul. Once we have a clear understanding in who we truly are we have the ability to express our innate self to the world without fear of what others

may think or say about us.


By being connected and rooted in who we innately are we begin to hold the space for ourselves to truly be a free spirit.

By being grounded in our authenticity we become free. 


Love + Light,

Dr. Colten 

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