Unraveling the Soul

January 18, 2019

Before we get into the teeth of this post we must clear up a few things. Firstly, to grasp a full, working understand of this concept you must know you are NOT what you see reflected back at you when looking into the mirror. You are NOT the titles anyone has given you up until this point, including the ones you have given yourself. Though being a father or mother may be something you do, they do not resemble who you are. Yes, I understand there is pride in titles and we as a culture wear them proudly. I also understand that every morning the majority of people wake up and without realization put on a mask. This mask has many titles and each one of them carrying its own weight. Some of which the majority of us are unfortunately very familiar with. A few for example: fat, ugly, stupid, hurt, depressed, alone, and the flip: skinny, pretty, smart, happy, loved. Even though these labels and descriptions of character or appearance are very much real, and the weight of those titles just as heavy, they are NOT what define us.


 Even though at times it can be very hard to see under the layers, you are not the mass of flesh and bone you see looking back at you in the mirror, and you damn sure are not the labels that are layered over it. We gain these false layers of understanding all throughout our lives. The layers of who we are NOT begin to cover our true being from early childhood all the way to this present moment.


It has been said that “to find thy self, first one must lose thy self.”

Although mystical and inspiring in the way it sounds, I believe you don’t always have to lose yourself to find yourself. Simply, you lose who you are NOT, to arrive back at who you were all along.


Everyone regardless of the way they look or act, or the past they may have, ALL are unlimited potential. You see it is my philosophy and understanding as a facilitator of health and healing that the same power and intelligence that placed the stars in constellations and rotates the earth, is the same powerful intelligence that lives within every single cell in the human body. Your unlimited potential is there, the real YOU has been there all along, hiding underneath all those layers that have been placed upon you up until this moment.


And it is my duty, using the title of chiropractor, facilitator of health and healing, to unlock and unravel with every adjustment the falsity that is not you, remove those layers and unleash the infinite potential that rest within your soul.


Remember, you are not the flesh and bones you see in the mirror. That is but simply the body that carries the soul within.


Love + Light,

Dr. Colten Nevel



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