February 7, 2019



“The chemicals that are running our body and our brain are the same chemicals that are involved in emotion. And that says to me that we better pay more attention to emotions with respect to health.”

- Candace B. Pert, Ph.D.


Most everyone can agree on some level that what you think becomes reality. What you think and how you feel influence your life and the world around you. Is it really just coincidence that the people you hear constantly saying, “the world is out to get me” seem to always have something go wrong in their life? Or the belief that there is no way I could be that healthy because my doctor said I have “bad genes.” Or think about that one person you know that no matter what may be going on they seem to always be so happy. Is happiness and satisfaction just for the lucky few, or is there actual weight behind our thoughts and feelings?


Chances are if you are reading this one of those situations just described someone in your life.


That person may even have been you.


The phrase, “what we think becomes reality” is not some metaphysical, hippie philosophy. It is as real as the device your reading this article on and I’ll explain how.


Your thoughts drive your feelings and your behaviors. If you are thinking “I cannot amount to anything” then you will feel like a failure. Your actions then reinforce your feelings of failure and you just by the thought alone hold yourself back from reaching your own potential.


Tony Robbins, world renown speaker and author has said, “GRATITUDE is a direct solution to anger and fear.” You cannot feel angry and grateful at the same time.


You cannot feel fearful and grateful at the same time.


Gratitude is something we all too often take for granted and the majority of the time we do not realize how good we have it until our eyes are opened with perspective. Filling our lives with positive emotions, that drive positive feelings and behaviors, in return can create a positive world around us. Remember our feelings become reality and one of the simplest ways to bring more positivity into our reality can be a practice of gratitude. Building a practice of gratitude into your life can be simple and I would suggest to begin first thing in the morning.


Upon waking think of three things you are grateful for, or better, three situations in which you felt particular grateful. Embodying the experience will not only employ the thought of gratitude but the emotional processes attached to it. Thoughts drive feelings and behaviors, so be in the moment and feel the presence of gratitude as it fills up your body and soul. Take that feeling with you throughout your day, be committed and dedicated to starting your days with a practice of gratitude and pay attention as your positive thoughts become your reality.


Love + Light,

Dr. Colten Nevel



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