I came to Dr. Lacey when I was only 3 weeks pregnant and she cared for our growing baby and myself throughout the full length of pregnancy and after. I cannot sing enough praise on how she went above and beyond for my family. She was always available and open to answer questions, shared positive and uplifting words, while providing a space to be vulnerable.

Her adjustments were gentle and I can tell that she genuinely cared about me, not only as a practice member but a person in everyday life. I remember many times feeling disconnected to myself and our growing baby, where after her adjustments I could better listen to what my body and baby was asking from me. I believe, full heartily, that chiropractic care aided in the ease of my pregnancy, labor, and postpartum healing!

-Mallory | Empowered Pregnancy + Postpartum

Last fall, I suffered from adrenal fatigue due to mental and emotional stress. When I approached Free Spirit Chiropractic, They were so loving, caring, and confident that they could help me find my energy and purpose again. I am forever indebted to FSC for helping me change my life and finding my inner self again. 

-Lauren | Elevated Life

Since Elliot was 6 weeks old, he has been getting chiropractic care. He had some tummy troubles and was not able to fully rotate his neck. There have been some other things along the way but I 100% believe that chiropractic care has attributed to him not getting sick, being ahead of his milestones, and overall being an incredibly happy baby. I will never be able to say thank you enough- but my hope is to share my story and educate new parents all over!  

-Elliot | Connected kids

Seeing a chiropractor is a blessing during pregnancy! I honestly do not know what I would have done without Dr. Lacey Wilson and her support throughout my pregnancy. Chiropractic care should be considered when thinking about the health of not only yourself, but your baby too! ​

-Floribel | Empowered Pregnancy

Dr. Lacey and I recently had the opportunity to work together throughout a pregnancy and during a birth. This mama labored for 5 hours, barely made it to the birth center, and pushed her baby out in 4 pushes! She was so much more than a weekly adjustment.

Dr. Lacey was a friend, a positive light, and a stand in doula until I could make it. She goes beyond and above in her passion and care for women. Tulsa, you are blessed to be getting her! 

-Nicole |Sacred Pregnancy Doula 

Dr. Lacey has been caring not only for my little since the beginning, but she walked me through healing my core and pelvic floor through Chiropractic care and the functional progressions through BIRTHFIT. We are grateful for the care she has provided for our family and I am honored to have been under her care on my postpartum journey. 

-Karen | Supported Postpartum

After taking care of me throughout my pregnancy, we had Amanda adjusted just two weeks after birth to help facilitate her health right from the start. She was experiencing some issues with sleeping and after her first adjustment she slept the longest she ever has! 

-Amanda | Connected Kids

Dr. Lacey and Colten have unmatched passion and determination to serve their community with the power of chiropractic! Their commitment to training and continuous learning is one of the many reasons I would not think twice about trusting the health of my family to this power couple! Most importantly, they are creative, genuine, and trustworthy people. Thank you for the care you have provided myself, those in your community, and the Chiropractic profession! 

-Colton | Elevated Life

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