To elevate the health within the Tulsa community and empower families to live unconstrained by society.


A thriving community full of families living at their upmost potential.


To serve out of abundant love, allowing individuals to truly connect with and express their most authentic, vibrant self.


A person living unconstrained by society, due to an overwhelming radical self-love and expression of who they innately are.


Free Spirit Chiropractic welcomes families to enjoy a radiant and natural way to achieve optimal health and well-being. We honor that all individuals are unique and perfect in their own way. We view every person that walks through our doors with clear eyes. In our space, you will not be judged regardless of look, the background you may have, or the labels put on you. We look past the physical veil; recognize and honor the divine light you truly are. Free Spirit Chiropractic invites you to embrace, love, and express your most authentic self.

Free Spirit Chiropractic is here to bring a unique and vibrant alternative to the Tulsa community. Our practice is a tribe of open-minded, heart-centered people, who are dedicated to living life full out.  We look forward to you joining our space of love!

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Address: 1733 South Lewis Avenue

Tulsa, Oklahoma 74104

Phone: 918.521.6393

Email: info@freespiritchiropractic.com

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Monday: 9-12 | 3-6

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